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Hi everyone,

I'm proud of all of you who have indeed helped with Operation Ray Of Light.  It is a huge success so far, in terms of the people helping out and I'm very proud of it. Especially since this was one of my shower ideas.

Despite my earlier message, I urge everyone to keep requesting. Basically, let's try to email stations individually and try to keep it about 10 to 20 stations from the Top markets 4 days a week. More details on the Online Requesting Page.

Let's make it #1 but don't do the mass emailing thing. IT puts off many stations and is less "real" so let's work hard and keep the online requesting thing going. But also, do the phone requesting, the single buying, the MTV/VH1 requesting and finally, advertising to friends and other people.

That's about it. MTV's address is Go for it!

Ray Of Light will be huge!