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This section lists my favorite Madonna songs. If you would like to tell me your favorites and have them up on the page, please write me.


Favorite Madonna Songs (10-15)

  • -Open Your Heart-
    - Madonna, Gardner Cole, Peter Rafelson -
    True Blue

    This used to be my favorite Madonna song because it's
    an awesome pop song that's stylish and extremely
    catchy. I still enjoy it and it reminds me of my childhood,
    when I grew up on True Blue.

  • -I'll Remember-
    - Madonna, Patrick Leonard -
    With Honors OST

    "I'll Remember" is a beautiful song, that I've grown to
    love more, each time I hear it. It's got a unique beat
    and some beautiful, sad lyrics. However, there is a
    feeling of optimism despite the sadness of the loss
    of Madonna's mother.

  • -Keep It Together-
    - Madonna, Stephen Bray -
    Like A Prayer

    "Keep It Together" is another fine dance track from the
    phenomenal Like A Prayer. It's a refreshing song
    with a great positive, yet simple message about family
    that comes out as funky and fresh, instead of preachy
    and boring. It's never tiring to dance to a song like this.

  • -Human Nature-
    - Madonna, Dave Hall, S. McKenzie
    K. McKenzie, M. Deering -
    Bedtime Stories

    I remember a couple of years back when this video
    came out. I really loved this song and it was so funny.
    I didn't understand how this song meant but nonetheless
    I loved it and now, that the lyrics make sense, I must
    say that this is one of Madonna's finest singles: catchy
    and tongue-in-cheek.

  • -Lucky Star-
    - Madonna -

    "Lucky Star" is fun and it has a great beat. I enjoy
    listening to this song especially when I want to smile,
    just to hear Madonna sing, "come on, shine your
    heavenly body tonight".