Bedtime Stories

Unlike the raw emotion of Erotica, Bedtime Stories can be said to be even more sexual than its predecessor. As Madonna calls it romantic, it certainly is. It's relaxed, in tune and Madonna of Bedtime Stories seems to know what she is and what she wants. A newly found philosophy and spirituality is seen through "Secret" and her overall satisfaction of what she has done, expressing no regrets in "Human Nature". Madonna is true to what she has said all along. "Human Nature" is probably the strongest track that deals head on with her career and message, "express yourself, don't repress yourself", as a whisper is being carried throughout the track. Madonna deals mostly with love, whether it's loving herself, her past, her dreams or someone else. She's dealing with her newfound peace, but shaking off some parts of the resentment she's experience throughout the years. "Survival", like most of the album is midtempo R&B, while its lyrics are simple, yet developed, about her life in general. Madonna also records a trio of distinctly different yet bonded tracks, "Love Tried To Welcome Me", "Sanctuary" and the Bjork-penned "Bedtime Story". The first is a melancholy love song, the second is a post-modern R&B track, with some of Madonna's best lyrics, while the third is a technology-influenced but subtle dance track, something she'd later develop with the Ray Of Light album. "Inside Of Me", Madonna's tribute to her mother, is relaxed, a sense of contentment that in spirit, she's inside of her, a distinctly different follow-up to "I'll Remember", from the With Honors soundtrack. "Take A Bow" is a beautiful oriental influenced ballad, which draws its power from the production style and Madonna's improving vocals. The weaker tracks in the album include the horrible "Don't Stop", which sounds too dated to be catchy and "Forbidden Love".