You Can Dance

A megamix of some of Madonna's best tracks, not necessarily hits, are included here. All the tracks are mixed together to make it one. Most of these tracks are extended remixes, by Shep Pettibone. Of course, this is the first time you get "Into The Groove", in the form of an annoying and tiring dance mix, where "come on" is repeated too many times. "Where's The Party" chooses to appear here, bringing along with it, an annoying dialogue in the beginning. "Holiday", "Over And Over", "Physical Attraction and "Everybody" are remixed and are pretty decent to listen to. But what this album includes is a new track, "Spotlight", a simplistic but awesome song, which sums up what Madonna the image is about, individuality and confidence. Besides not knowing when songs start or end, this Madonna megamix is great to listen to, but you can find better ones on bootlegs, with better song choices.