The landmark album Madonna, includes Madonna's first ever club and pop hits, along with some of the best early 80's dance tracks ever. Madonna defined dance music and the era of crossover dance-pop that would become the trend of the mid 80's. From the simple-produced yet undeniably catchy dance grooves that fill the album, includes the pop-crossover hits "Lucky Star" and "Holiday". Other highlights include the 70's influenced "Physical Attraction", the infections "Burning Up" and "Think Of Me" is yet another dance track with a great hook. "Borderline" stands out above the rest, with its midtempo beat. It is the slowest song in the album but is undeniably, a pop classic. The weaker tracks in this album are "Everybody", Madonna's first record, but revolves around a simple but tiring hook. "I Know It" is another weak track and fails to live up to the strength of the other strong tracks in the album.