I'm Breathless

Music from and inspired by the motion picture Dick Tracy, I'm Breathless features some fun songs that cannot necessarily be called pop but a twisted form of 30's music. "I'm Going Bananas" and "Cry Baby" are eccentric tracks where Madonna's voice comes out as nasal. "Hanky Panky", Sooner Or Later, "More" and Back In Business come out as some catchy songs that have stuck in the mood of Dick Tracy. "Something To Remember" is a beautiful yet underrated ballad. Its 30's-styled production, along with a melancholy vocal delivery makes the track shine out in the album. Meanwhile, "Now I'm Following You" is another noteworthy track, true to Dick Tracy on Part 1, but becomes a funky dance number by Part 2. To close of the album, the huge hit "Vogue" is included. Although it is said not to fit very well with the music of the rest of the album, it is not way over the top and has a few 30's references here and there, from the overall mood of the song to Madonna's citations of her favorite actors and actresses, including Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth.