Lost in the controversy of Sex, Madonna produces one of her best albums to date. Erotica isn't only about the pleasures of sex, but the way sex is in the world and the emotions under the taboos of sex. Accompanied by some of Madonna's best lyrics include some great dance grooves. Erotica is mostly a house album, with some of the best club cuts, including the pop-crossover "Deeper And Deeper", "Thief Of Hearts about jealousy, "Words" and "Fever", a remake of the classic Little Willie John hit in 1956, remade by Peggy Lee in 1958. Most of these tracks are incredibly emotional. "Where Life Begins" is about lesbian oral sex, wrapped around the metaphors of "dining in and eating out". Meanwhile, "In This Life", a song about Madonna losing a friend to AIDS is a beautiful and emotional ballad. The title track and "Bye Bye Baby" are some other noteworthy dance tracks, not necessarily house, but are great dance tunes. With "Bad Girl", Madonna talks about the unhappiness felt when one lets sex control them. Meanwhile, "Waiting" challenges and mocks traditional views of male dominance, as seen by the reprise, "Did You Do It". "Rain", the grand ballad, is wonderfully produced and so is "Secret Garden", melancholy yet a perfect ending to the album, like Madonna's retreating to her dreams. Both are filled with emotion and deeper symbolisms. Madonna's lyrics have certainly improved and Madonna incorporates house music to create a dark mood for this great album. Erotica set the standards for many albums these days, more about the life around sex, not sex around life. The eroticism of the album is more overshadowed by the raw emotion involving this.