Madonna plays the role of the most important historical figure of Argentina, Eva Peron, in the cinema production of the musical Evita. In this double disc set, Madonna and her co-stars in the movie record a musical. A role that Madonna had been wanting for years and finally got, she worked hard to train her voice and the results are shown in her pure and vocal delivery in songs like "You Must Love Me" and "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You", with Jonathan Pryce. Madonna also emotes in songs like the depressing "Lament" and the vigor of "Rainbow High". Meanwhile, Madonna's duets are nothing short of noteworthy, including the Antonio Banderas duets "High Flying Adored" and "Waltz For Eva And Che". The highlight is probably Madonna singing out in the Casa Rosada, "Don't Cry For Me Argentina", but to leave Evita to just one song is doing it injustice. Madonna presents a confident new voice and emotes, instead of leaving her songs ice cold.