True Blue

True Blue proved everyone wrong that Madonna was a quick hit wonder. Madonna was here to stay and this album was already heading in the direction Madonna was going to. She leaves out the high pitched cockroach screeching from Like A Virgin and Madonna, and focuses on her lower range. Madonna writes some of her best songs, including "Live To Tell", the one reason to get this album. The grand ballad features her lower range for the first time and the mood of the track is unique, a track that is incredibly personal yet sellable, due to a great melody, beautiful production and Madonna's emotion. "Papa Don't Preach" is another great track, a song Madonna only contributed additional lyrics to, yet she is able to make it hers and puts up a formidable performance. Her voice has improved and the production style and the catchy hook makes the track the sure fire hit it was. Madonna also starts spreading outward in pop music, incorporating many different styles of music, from the Spanish influenced "La Isla Bonita", the 50's styled title track and Madonna's tribute to gangster flicks in "White Heat". Madonna does not entirely leave her talent to bring forward a great pop-dance tune, as she does so in "Open Your Heart". The other tracks in the album are weaker, like the incredibly annoying "Where's The Party", and even more irritating "Jimmy Jimmy". "Love Makes The World Go Round" is another track of lesser calibre compared the rest of the album but whatever it is, the album shows a variety of styles that remains true to pop music, with some of her best songs ever recorded.