Like A Virgin

One of the key albums to launch the mid 80's, Like A Virgin is composed by some of Madonna's best pop tunes including the symbolic title track, along with the tongue-in-cheek "Material Girl", which basically defines the 80's mentality. "Dress You Up" is another great pop tune, simple in its lyrical base, but nonetheless the word choices such as "satin sheets and luxuries so fine" adds to the style of the already infectious dance track. Meanwhile, with these strong singles, it is easy to be deceived that the rest of the album will be filled with great 80's pop tunes such as this. The rest of the album, more "filler", features some of Madonna's most simple, but nonetheless unattractive songs, including the incredibly cheesy "Shoo Bee Doo" and the flat out boring "Stay". After this comes some mediocre tracks such as the remake of the ballad "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", Madonna's first shot at ballads, but the track doesn't shine the way her Vision Quest ballad "Crazy For You" does. "Pretender" is another average track that doesn't do much, but features a mood unique to that of the mid 80's. "Angel" and "Over And Over" are better dance tracks, but get tiring after a while, with the repetition that becomes more annoying than to improve on the simple hook. Madonna's lyrics are also very simple, on the tracks she does write. "Like A Virgin", "Material Girl and "Dress You Up" were not written by her.